Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re considering becoming an AMG Customer you’re bound to have a few questions. We’ve summarised a few of the questions we’re most commonly asked.

Asking for help at home could be one the biggest decisions you ever have to make, whether you need help caring for elderly parents, or you could benefit from some occasional assistance yourself. For us, ‘assisted living’ means giving people just the right amount of help, so they can continue living full and happy lives, with minimum disruption.

This could mean: providing regular daily personal care at home; providing 24 hour live in care; or visiting a few times a week to help with tasks like housework and washing, shopping trips or other errands.

Or, it could mean sharing a friendly ear and a few laughs over a cup of tea.

Q: How will you match the most suitable care worker for my needs?

AMG ensure that whilst discussing your care requirements with you, we also gather information from you about the type of staff that you would be comfortable with. We also take into account the skills and experience the staff have to ensure that they can provide the best care possible.

Q: How will you and your staff respect my privacy and dignity?

Your privacy and dignity are of the utmost importance to us. Our care staff are trained to uphold this and we also incorporate these areas into our care plan. We will ensure that all documents remain confidential and that your care is not discussed with anyone without your permission.

Q: Will it cost me money for you to come and see me to discuss my options?

No, we will visit you and discuss your options with no obligation to use our care service.

Q: Have you cared for someone with similar needs to mine?

AMG have extensive experience spanning 30 years and we also employ staff who have specific experience with a range of conditions. However, we ensure that every person is treated as an individual and that your individual needs are taken into account during the care planning process.

Q: Are you required to register with a statutory regulator and if so, are you currently registered?

Yes AMG are registered with the Care Quality Commission to provide domiciliary care services and also nursing care. As part of our registration we have unannounced inspections on a annual basis. We are also inspected by social services where we hold contracts to ensure that we comply with their quality assurance systems. When we are inspected the quality of care plans, staff files and our procedures including training are looked at.

Q: Do you interview your care workers before offering them work?

Yes, all care and nursing staff are interviewed by an appropriately qualified person, to ensure that they are suitable to undertake the type of work we offer. We also ensure that we have gained full employment history and obtained two references for each person. All staff are subject to a police check this is called a DBS check, to establish if they pose any risk to individuals using our service.

Q: What sort of training do your care workers receive when they start?

All staff undertake a full weeks training, where they are provided with an overview of the company and the standards of care that are required. Staff also undertake health and safety, fire safety, moving and handling, infection control, first aid, CPR and safeguarding training. All staff are expected to undertake ongoing training thereafter in specialist conditions such as dementia, spinal injuries and Parkinson’s to name a few. Staff also receive specific training in individual care requirements.

Q: Can I contact your agency during the day and outside office hours?

Yes, our phone lines are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You will always speak to your local branch to someone who is familiar with your plan of care.

Q: What charges will I be expected to pay?

You will only pay for the care you receive. Full terms of business will be provided to you upon assessment. We do not charge for any assessments are administration.

Q: Are there any hidden extras in the prices you quote?

All charges are inclusive, so the figure you are provided with is what you will pay. We do not charge VAT. Mileage charges may apply however this will be discussed with you.

Q: Is your company insured in order to protect my safety and interests?

Yes we are fully insured for both public liability and employer’s liability to £10,000,000. This is a requirement of our operations and evidence of this is provided to social services and any other contracting authority.