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Our priority is the child, we recognise that every child requires their own individual support. Our aim is to develop a package of care that will support the families and their child, with their health and developmental needs that will ensure that they can achieve their potential. We believe that best way to achieve this and to provide ongoing support is to work with a system of case management.

At AMG every family is nominated a Case Manager who will work in partnership with the children and families, during our first visit we will undertake a detailed assessment of the child’s health care, social and spiritual requirements and discuss what the families expectations are of us. If required, we can coordinate care between the child’s school and home.

Following our initial visit we will produce a comprehensive set of care plans that will explain, in detail, the care that we will be providing, the family will then have the opportunity to look through these to ensure that these meet expectations.

We work hard to ensure that we select a team who can provide the specific care skills for each individual child. Once established, we try where possible, to maintain that team so that the family and child have a familiar face in their home that provides consistency and continuity of care.

The Case Manager will meet with the families on a regular basis and also the careers to be sure that the care being delivered is current, compassionate and competent.

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